PDKC is now offering visits from home!

Telemedicine allows you to have a remote video appointment using your PC, Mac, iOS or Android device. Due to COVID-19 most insurance plans are covering telehealth visits, but we advise calling your insurance carrier to confirm coverage. Your credit card will be charged $50 for your Telemedicine visit and PDKC will submit the claim to your insurance carrier. Any over-payments will be reimbursed accordingly after the claim is processed. Schedule your appointment now
Tips for a great telemedicine appointment:

»Please be in the location in your home with the strongest WiFi signal.

»Make sure your microphone and camera are on.

»Complete pre-visit registration sent via your patient portal.

»Take pictures of all the affected areas on the skin and text to PDKC at 913-228-2000 or email to info@pediatricdermkc.com. Pictures can be sent any time before your appointment and they will be added to the patient’s chart. For acne patients please take a front view of the face, right view of the face, and left view of the face. Take the pictures in a well lit area of your home or outdoors in the shade.